So What happened to Ford Raptor?

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Westen Champlin

9 ай мурун

So what's been going on with the ford raptor?
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Aiden hill vlogs
Aiden hill vlogs 16 күн мурун
It looks like the raptor has paddle shift
Kimberly Royle
Kimberly Royle 22 күн мурун
Hay you should lift that raptor 10 more inches. Try it please.
CoasterFilms Ай мурун
1000th comment
K W 2 ай мурун
would of been sick if he took the v8 from the stang and put it into the raptor
Brandon H
Brandon H 3 ай мурун
How many people think that when you get to zero miles to empty you really just run out of gas. Lol
Carson Lines
Carson Lines 4 ай мурун
on the passenger side on the Ford Raptor the wheel is bent I don't know if it is just me
Holden Thompson
Holden Thompson 4 ай мурун
Gotta love that alignment 😂🤣
Rickdik Vids
Rickdik Vids 5 ай мурун
v8 swap lmao
J M 5 ай мурун
I need to hangout with people like this guy.
Melvinater rivera
Melvinater rivera 5 ай мурун
J.R. Carter
J.R. Carter 5 ай мурун
So the raptor. Doesnt have a V8.. Seriously i thought they did
Ever Eldridge
Ever Eldridge 5 ай мурун
Am I the only one that wants to do stuff like this when I get older
Xtreme Garrage
Xtreme Garrage 5 ай мурун
A diesel in that thingy will do it some good.
James Cox
James Cox 5 ай мурун
What! no seat belts in Kansas..
Surajit Chatterjee
Surajit Chatterjee 5 ай мурун
@western : what happened to this one.
Kalem Rogers
Kalem Rogers 5 ай мурун
Put a 426 hemi in it
Bart Assendelft
Bart Assendelft 5 ай мурун
I love him! Just driving his truck without a seat belt and a pizza on his belly. The only thing I miss is country music
qa Qa
qa Qa 5 ай мурун
7:44 That moment when you realize you didn't pull out on time LMAO!
Cain Morrow
Cain Morrow 5 ай мурун
Is the raptor for sale?
James McBride
James McBride 5 ай мурун
Sounds good, she's a beauty, love the color
Dirnlo 5 ай мурун
It's called Armstrong Power Steering
Garcia family adventure
Garcia family adventure 5 ай мурун
Or you can buy a wrecked F-150 5.0 and do a rafter swap on it
john burkleo
john burkleo 5 ай мурун
im not tryna tell u how to live your life (ok maybe a little bit) but if your gonna ask for all these subs you should at least do a tool giveaway occasionally like I've seen nothing offered back to your viewers or subs and people with less do that
john burkleo
john burkleo 5 ай мурун
seriously Milwaukee??
shadow griz jr
shadow griz jr 5 ай мурун
I have an old ford for sale my grandpas old truck still looking for title but the truck ran last time we tried to start it
TEAM GC 5 ай мурун
Dom:(exhales) 'i fucked up'.😂😂 These guys always make my day.
Mexusasin Great
Mexusasin Great 5 ай мурун
Hokie19 5 ай мурун
Dammit Westen you got me with the V8 swap joke! I was so excited then saw the bottle 😑 love this series very informative and entertaining to watch keep up the good work!!!
Dee Johnson
Dee Johnson 5 ай мурун
So you have an undisclosed garage in the city to work on trucks ?
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 5 ай мурун
Cummins swap the raptor!
howie119 5 ай мурун
What's the song at 2:42 ?
YourLocalMilkMan 5 ай мурун
Hunts pizza has gotten me through many hard times lol
4040pmora 5 ай мурун
Releasing the Freedom!!!
HaviiK 5 ай мурун
you make me wanna be a mechanic ahhaa you make it look fun !
gj ribo
gj ribo 6 ай мурун
Do you have new videos? Watched all your videos
gj ribo
gj ribo 6 ай мурун
Nice raptor and cummins video bro!
Daniel McCutcheon
Daniel McCutcheon 6 ай мурун
Twin turbo v8.....
Peter 6 ай мурун
Damn he said a v8 swap I got so happy that a mean looking truck finally got a motor that is mean and sounds mean
Chad Mouton
Chad Mouton 6 ай мурун
I am the 1000th come to yay
Noe Ruiz
Noe Ruiz 6 ай мурун
Dude your si so funny 🤣🤣
Devil slayer 666
Devil slayer 666 6 ай мурун
Not one girl likes me 😖😭
Devil slayer 666
Devil slayer 666 6 ай мурун
I'm weird too 😭
Dan Currier
Dan Currier 6 ай мурун
where's the updates on the Ford raptor truck
Quentellis Pittman
Quentellis Pittman 6 ай мурун
Dom's oh crap face looks just like Donald Trump's face when he was 8 years old lol 😂😂😂
ColtonVlogs 6 ай мурун
About 10 seconds before the end he is making a joke about the pizza being undercooked... then the pizza it undercooked 🤦‍♂️
B G 6 ай мурун
So I just spent 12 hrs binge watching the Raptor series and the Peterbilt series. After to much soda, coffee, and meat products, I'm ready for a healthy dump and to move on to the next series.
Crsrider 6 ай мурун
Y’all are too funny! Enjoyed the video.. Drive safe!
Mr Man
Mr Man 6 ай мурун
You give me hope
Antonio 6 ай мурун
i’ll give you $5,000 for the raptor
NewHeal 6 ай мурун
hunt brothers pizza is life
Ernest McCann
Ernest McCann 6 ай мурун
"expertly catalogued itself into a tree" 🤣
Mujahid Rasheed
Mujahid Rasheed 6 ай мурун
Hahah.. u guys r awesome man.. wish cud hang with ya both.. Dom is hilarious!!!
ARegularCarGuy LucasThePlaya10
ARegularCarGuy LucasThePlaya10 6 ай мурун
Dude when you get better you should find a mid 90.s Chevy dually 6.5 turbo diesel or a 454
Rodney 6 ай мурун
What camera do you film with? Its the quality i been looking for.
mike kotarba
mike kotarba 6 ай мурун
replace the side curtain air bags on driver side
Ryan Gilbert
Ryan Gilbert 7 ай мурун
Sweet truck man
XO BRAZZY 7 ай мурун
Intro. The camera floats. Confirmed
Nitin the Kiddo
Nitin the Kiddo 7 ай мурун
no connection to gas tank ... me: plays the this song and says oof a bunch of times
Cristian Cruz
Cristian Cruz 7 ай мурун
Love ur work all the way down from MEXICO
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 7 ай мурун
He is a big kid. 😁
john westerveld
john westerveld 7 ай мурун
OMG...these videos just keep getting better! Nice job guys!
Heavy D
Heavy D 7 ай мурун
I lost it on Dom..."I fucked up". 🤣😂🤣😂
andrwmaca video
andrwmaca video 7 ай мурун
Wesh some mony to bay ha car
Caden 66
Caden 66 7 ай мурун
Congrats on 800k
Kevin Inzunza Valencia
Kevin Inzunza Valencia 7 ай мурун
We. Need. Closure!! Finish the raptor
Nathaniel Martin
Nathaniel Martin 7 ай мурун
Update please?
Ron P
Ron P 7 ай мурун
6 guys cooler full of beers in the swamp... boat took in water.. boat sunk beers lost.. buddy jumped in his truck and left us in the swamp.. 6 hour walk back home... buddy got a ass whooping
Lisa 7 ай мурун
Can't wait to see more on the Raptor. Show how those new headlights work... and take er for a jump or two!!
jason gilbert
jason gilbert 7 ай мурун
Best pizza
Dan Currier
Dan Currier 7 ай мурун
Fixed the other door would not have any problems getting the trucks out
Justin E
Justin E 7 ай мурун
Mike Powell
Mike Powell 7 ай мурун
Looks like the gas station by the lake down by Cambridge
Harley Reed
Harley Reed 7 ай мурун
Fr about the good looking woman
Dan Currier
Dan Currier 7 ай мурун
How come no updates on this truck project
Jenny Leistle
Jenny Leistle 7 ай мурун
Quaziii 7 ай мурун
7:46 gd it i never laughed so hard. ive done so much worse and said the same shit lmao
rc awesomeness
rc awesomeness 7 ай мурун
Sell it buy the the new raptor with the gt500 engine in it but still looks great
Marshall P
Marshall P 7 ай мурун
I’m new to the channel, and you dudes are a goof troop. I love it!
Jeff Banks
Jeff Banks 8 ай мурун
always make sure the hole is ready for your hose!
noskilz04 8 ай мурун
Kansas boys unite!!!
Gremarc Guillermo
Gremarc Guillermo 8 ай мурун
These guys are very awesome! I love the way they fill the gas tank with ingenuity. Love from the Philippines. 😃🇵🇭
Randy Otteson
Randy Otteson 8 ай мурун
You know you remind me of my cousin identical
Adam Muhle
Adam Muhle 8 ай мурун
Don't all of your vehicles have a bad history of hitting things?
Jack Cassullo
Jack Cassullo 8 ай мурун
What song is that at 2:39
Chuy Olalde
Chuy Olalde 8 ай мурун
Why don’t the camera man ever shows his face?
Vintage tin trader
Vintage tin trader 8 ай мурун
Sounds good for a V6
nigga niggas
nigga niggas 8 ай мурун
Dan Currier
Dan Currier 8 ай мурун
where the updates on this project
Patrick Baptist
Patrick Baptist 8 ай мурун
Come on you didn't have to say "GD". That will just make me not come back to this channel.
Julio Torres
Julio Torres 8 ай мурун
Anyone has a short block of a raptor 3.5 ecoboost
Max Moovin
Max Moovin 8 ай мурун
Love your channel. This episode had me laughing.
that_whitef1fitty 8 ай мурун
JB 8 ай мурун
What ever happened to the 2nd gen cummins
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go 8 ай мурун
You should ls swap it
Marco Perez
Marco Perez 8 ай мурун
I turned into a demon, 🤣
Jeromy McPherson
Jeromy McPherson 8 ай мурун
Finally, after almost 4 months or more....this is the video you give the fans. Ugh
John Parker
John Parker 8 ай мурун
Damn Dom had me LMFAO
David Pearson
David Pearson 8 ай мурун
I love your videos! So funny!
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones 8 ай мурун
Throw that test light in the trash and get you a power probe. They also make an "ECT2000" that can help you find broken wires.
mcneel16 8 ай мурун
I am loving the humor in these videos 🤣
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