I Hit Something with My New Truck

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Westen Champlin

2 ай мурун

I hit something with my new truck
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Nathan Start
Nathan Start 2 ай мурун
Me sees thumbnail ( as an Australian) “Blood hell, must of hit kangaroo” Also me:Realises they don’t have kangaroos in Kansas.
꧁Jaky̑̈Boy̑̈Play̑̈s꧂ Ай мурун
I think he hit himself...
Denkha94 2 ай мурун
Yes my 2001 Dodge Cummins I got a ranch hand on it bumper guard there awesome. Also makes the truck look more serious. Sorry about your truck man I would feel awful too
Dano 2 ай мурун
@Joshua Morehead we do
furbies 3three
furbies 3three 2 ай мурун
@ben hadden try hitting a roo on the Hay Plain with a bus with the world’s biggest roo bar doing 120kph. Skippy vaporised in a red mist
G’s Journey
G’s Journey 2 ай мурун
Yooo imagine a young buck starts punching the whip
David Rathunde
David Rathunde 2 күн мурун
Self note: don’t use the Ram to ram things...
Nordin Van der Werff
Nordin Van der Werff 3 күн мурун
When the Dodge goed and the ram comes
Endor Chef
Endor Chef 3 күн мурун
Looks like he hit every fast food joint to me.
Shaun Morin
Shaun Morin 4 күн мурун
Why did you RAM the wildlife??? Why didn't you just DODGE said wildlife!?!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣
Landon Minton
Landon Minton 5 күн мурун
That coin did not give you good luck
Monte Maguire
Monte Maguire 7 күн мурун
Insurance will pay for it . Butit still sucks. Anyway How do u k ow it was a buck ? Bucks drop their antlers in February and March .
M_ Red
M_ Red 7 күн мурун
Gusman73 11 күн мурун
Did you say Innard-cooler......😃
mark broad
mark broad 12 күн мурун
Paddles all around
Da Boonies
Da Boonies 13 күн мурун
Your mom is awesome
Respectful 89
Respectful 89 15 күн мурун
U know what they say “If u doge it ram it”
Jared Michaelsen
Jared Michaelsen 16 күн мурун
it was a small buck so counted both sides freaking white tale a big deer would have done 2 to 4,000 dollars in damage and you count only one side
CHRIS LESLEY 18 күн мурун
Can’t wait to see the finished product of the truck
BakedPo Tato
BakedPo Tato 18 күн мурун
You know, if you did some videos trying to get healthy, maybe jump on a treadmill you might actually get a decent following.
Gary Storm
Gary Storm 18 күн мурун
Our only Refuge and Hope is in the Son of God. He spoke Truth Forever. Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone...
Greg Zettel
Greg Zettel 19 күн мурун
Getting a custom cow catcher
Greyson Prince
Greyson Prince 19 күн мурун
you know what they say.... "if you can't dodge it... RAM IT!!!"
Ajitpal Singh
Ajitpal Singh 20 күн мурун
But the buck is dead
The roaring big block Channel
The roaring big block Channel 20 күн мурун
I hit a fox with my 92 f150 and it didn’t even dent my bumper you’re truck is a piece of shit
Prudencio Zavala
Prudencio Zavala 20 күн мурун
Bro! Is Westin chaplain give away your Facebook page? I think I’m getting scammed
Hunter Brubaker
Hunter Brubaker 21 күн мурун
The Bugsy And Powdy Show
The Bugsy And Powdy Show 21 күн мурун
when are they going to adapt bullbars in the US?
YoYoNerd 22 күн мурун
If u can't dodge it, ram it
XI PINGPOOH 22 күн мурун
I can believe it. I’ve hit 32 deer since I started driving in 1983. I want stickers of deer with an X Over them. Just like the fighter pilots did in WWII 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌
Mike Tilley
Mike Tilley 22 күн мурун
Things could be worse. You got robbed last night.
Brad Senthavisouk
Brad Senthavisouk 24 күн мурун
too much ram not enough dodge
Joshua Luukkonen
Joshua Luukkonen 25 күн мурун
Need a ranch hand or an Aliarc on the new truck hit all the deer you want 👍
Anthony Gemelli
Anthony Gemelli 26 күн мурун
Did you get the deer?
BALD GANG 26 күн мурун
since ya broke it break it more!
Hutch 27 күн мурун
Some people just shouldn't have nice things.
Ernesto Alarcon
Ernesto Alarcon 28 күн мурун
Hey small world! My friend was actually looking at a car at that dealership! I have a picture of that gt500!
Sarena Nicolle
Sarena Nicolle 28 күн мурун
Ok but did the deer die ? );
Calvin Moore
Calvin Moore 28 күн мурун
Hey if you can’t Dodge it ram it
Ariel Kaplan
Ariel Kaplan 29 күн мурун
I would sue that deer 🤣
꧁Jaky̑̈Boy̑̈Play̑̈s꧂ Ай мурун
I saw the thumbnail and I was like I wonder if he got hit with his truck becase hes the only thing that can do that much damage
Timeless peach
Timeless peach Ай мурун
At this point his town starts to get worried when they don't see him for a couple of days because they know he is working on something crazy lol and wait till somethin blows up and see a monster truck w a engine that will die when it makes 2 pounds of boost at full throttle
Willa Herrera
Willa Herrera Ай мурун
Lol I call my Ranch Hand a Deer Strainer.
Bruce Bracken
Bruce Bracken Ай мурун
Man hits deer in the Midwest: I cannot believe that just happened.
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Ай мурун
Bro said more ram less dodge
Lachy Goldsworthy
Lachy Goldsworthy Ай мурун
To much RAM not enough DODGE hahaha
Lachy Goldsworthy
Lachy Goldsworthy Ай мурун
Mate your going to have to buy a bull bar for it now ?
william mcmartin
william mcmartin Ай мурун
my dad has a ram and its fast its a race truck
Lane Crowdis
Lane Crowdis Ай мурун
They sell grill garuds at Saint John ks and they make em for a reason I live in Kansas and all we do is smack deer so we got them
Sam Everhardt
Sam Everhardt Ай мурун
Do you not have a warranty?
Fauzan Sahi
Fauzan Sahi Ай мурун
Great keep ramming stuff
nonya beezwax
nonya beezwax Ай мурун
Aev bumper
Nicholas Alfisi
Nicholas Alfisi Ай мурун
this is why you dont get good things
YEETman 200
YEETman 200 Ай мурун
Put a cat in it jk
ProcverTV Ай мурун
Man do trucks are sissies nowadays
Sarah Philhower
Sarah Philhower Ай мурун
The nick name should be black Betty
Lauge Stegman
Lauge Stegman Ай мурун
dam he needs som luck
Dakota Swaim
Dakota Swaim Ай мурун
My guess is u been stealing Money asshole and fliming it. ITS ALL LIES WHAT HE DOING!!
3l can3lo w3ro
3l can3lo w3ro Ай мурун
I work at the stellantis factory in mexico that builds all the heavy duty rams. Greetings all the way from mexico!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
EastBound Ай мурун
I'd say keep the truck stock
tbone3366 Ай мурун
The newer vehicles just aren't designed to take a hit like that, I totalled a dodge challenger with my 87 f250 tonka truck and the ttruck has no damages on the front
Renee Tangsrud
Renee Tangsrud Ай мурун
Where I live you will hit a deer. It’s going to happen. It’s just the when.
Christopher Minor
Christopher Minor Ай мурун
Damn that's some serious bad luck man, but I also feel ya man, had my car for maybe 4 months and wrecked the front end, wasn't my fault, someone decided to pull out infront of me saw me coming and slowed down and I couldn't stop in time
J. Andre Rene Gaulin
J. Andre Rene Gaulin Ай мурун
I cant believe someone is using your name to scam people and now some of us are out our rent and Bill's you should have it checked out @WestinChamplin
Kyle Eiden
Kyle Eiden Ай мурун
I died at when he said Ram Led, and I’ll tell you what, it worked real good while ramming stuff😂😂😅
Hot Dog
Hot Dog Ай мурун
I have the exact same truck but In white. Makes me cry to see this :(
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Ай мурун
What kind of dumb ass buys a truck with a wrecked frame then fixes it, slaps tracks on and doesn't get an alignment
bernhard85 Ай мурун
good ole clifford always there when you need him :)
Mujteba Al Hajaj
Mujteba Al Hajaj Ай мурун
can't wait for the build.
DragonZer0 Ай мурун
You need to put a brush guard on everything you own just so the front doesn't get smashed....
Aqua_fish_Playz Ай мурун
thats not bad my dads friend had a brand new truck with hay in the back then maybe a moth later the truck burned up
Max w Kate w
Max w Kate w 2 ай мурун
David Clay
David Clay 2 ай мурун
So sorry to hear about your new truck 😢
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 ай мурун
I am surprised that dodge served that. The Ram does not mean you can hit something with it. Dodge is junk.
Wheelie Productions
Wheelie Productions 2 ай мурун
You should have got a ford
Lewis Jessop
Lewis Jessop 2 ай мурун
Get a flog industries bumper for it. they are nearly indestructible
Matt Ski14
Matt Ski14 2 ай мурун
Bed side was a sign
Jay Weezy
Jay Weezy 2 ай мурун
with that truck, if you had push bar and a large payload. would it be wise to just step on the gas if you see a deer? or is that just fkibn stupid?
Whistlin Diesel
Whistlin Diesel 2 ай мурун
My mom hit a baby deer and needed a new radiator and front end
Shawn Johns
Shawn Johns 2 ай мурун
Never swerve. Especially when towing a trailer. I can't remember how many I've hit driving a truck in 15 years.
Nicholas Hartsock
Nicholas Hartsock 2 ай мурун
Hey, take it back to the dealer, get everything new if it’s under warranty, then pull off whatever your going to replace and sell it. 😂
CB Plays
CB Plays 2 ай мурун
Hey Westin, whatever happened to the Fummins?
zstar 2 ай мурун
You rebuild that raptor and didn't git it aligned, That is where your bad luck started, CARMA
Nate Mars
Nate Mars 2 ай мурун
If it’s not damaged in some way it’s just a mall crawler.
TNP'R sheepodog
TNP'R sheepodog 2 ай мурун
Id put a bumper/grill guard on the front of that thing.
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips 2 ай мурун
Western dents add character now it has a busted lip.
Brent Matthews
Brent Matthews 2 ай мурун
Make sure all of the computers and cameras are recalibrated properly
Teemo 2 ай мурун
This video makes me glad that I have a massive deer-proof grille guard on the front of my truck
John Vetick
John Vetick 2 ай мурун
It's a dodge, must have hit a sparrow..........
Ice Lakers
Ice Lakers 2 ай мурун
you need a cow catcher
Keaton Morley
Keaton Morley 2 ай мурун
My dad has owned a Chevy that had hit 3 bucks before and it was fine
Tiptoestudent52 2 ай мурун
Too much ram not enough dodge. Also i’m from the south west part of Kansas i’d KILL to see your diesel mustang in person even though i’m not a ford person. Preferably I like dodge better and it brought a tear to my eye seeing your new truck get hit by that deer. I miss my old 85 d-50
Joe Cooley
Joe Cooley 2 ай мурун
Doing upgrade on the f 350 plz
Zero-one Kackzynski
Zero-one Kackzynski 2 ай мурун
good size 4 pointers.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
Robbie Clark
Robbie Clark 2 ай мурун
That's a wheel bearing
Gx skating
Gx skating 2 ай мурун
She looks fine
Fiske Farms Noah Fiske
Fiske Farms Noah Fiske 2 ай мурун
You should do more videos with the peterbelt
Jeremy Trevino
Jeremy Trevino 2 ай мурун
Your going to lose alot of followers as you don't put out videos!!!!! What is it a 10 minute video a month now? You were one of my favs but I choose to follow others due to more content.
Majorgameplay 2 ай мурун
Westen goes offroad in a school bus vid
Evdog 24 valve
Evdog 24 valve 2 ай мурун
For the next video can u restore that old ford tratorand make it look new
John’s Power Wagon Channel
John’s Power Wagon Channel 2 ай мурун
Where is Westen??
Kurt A
Kurt A 2 ай мурун
One million subs and Weston got him some fancy shoes
Jeff Savage
Jeff Savage 2 ай мурун
"Off the Ranch" is copying your cummins car. there will be more. Quite a complement to you. maybe goonsquad will build one too
GenAfterNextTactics 2 ай мурун
You need to start posting more videos. Subscribers are going to start leaving because you only post 1 video a month.
Crazy Legs Hotsauce.
Crazy Legs Hotsauce. 2 ай мурун
Should've gotten a super duty.... Would've stopped and detected the deer.. JK. But, still the new super duties are BEA utiful. :D
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