I got a 1400HP Engine for the Police Car

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Westen Champlin

Ай мурун

I got a 1400hp Hemi Engine for the police car.
Engine builder: www.modernmusclextreme.com/
Holly intake www.holley.com/
Instagram: westengw​
Facebook: westengw

Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Ай мурун
The intro. Spot on. That's the best freakin intro ever
B711-HD Ай мурун
Dalton Leonard
Dalton Leonard Ай мурун
Sure is. anyone else notice the army truck right after that
Jay Cameron
Jay Cameron Ай мурун
That’s the perfect car for the Cannon ball run 👍👍😎😎
Luis Palacios
Luis Palacios Ай мурун
Pi Prince Albert - 54
Echoicpluto 7359
Echoicpluto 7359 Ай мурун
Oneil Phinn
Oneil Phinn Күн мурун
I missed that truck we need to see more of it
Linus Söderlund
Linus Söderlund 3 күн мурун
You're doing creat
R J 3 күн мурун
Never thought about it, he has a cdl right?
JDUB THE KING 7 күн мурун
Chrome that trailer
JDUB THE KING 7 күн мурун
Lol you should get a 53' and pimp out with led's
Vic Garrison
Vic Garrison 9 күн мурун
if letterkenny had a car show
Dillon Savage
Dillon Savage 10 күн мурун
Make sure u replace the axles
Joel Baldwin
Joel Baldwin 12 күн мурун
You were giddy as a little school girl when unboxing those parts lmfao I don't blame you though I'd be happy with those shiny new toys too
white lightning
white lightning 13 күн мурун
You and ginger billy need to do a collaboration to put a big motor in his f 2-fitty super doody
SHANNON SA 14 күн мурун
Snow looks like fun....
Kyle 16 күн мурун
I will let you know, ebraking it won’t help with the longevity. There’s no way to stop power going to the rears on these cars so it will drag on the center diff when they lock up, especially being a rwd biased awd🤷‍♂️
Kyle 16 күн мурун
I will let you know, ebraking it won’t help with the longevity. There’s no way to stop power going to the rears on these cars so it will drag on the center diff when they lock up, especially being a rwd biased awd🤷‍♂️
jaxsen fletcher
jaxsen fletcher 19 күн мурун
As a Canadian I can confirm it’s cold and honestly fuckin eh man ya nailed the accent
lego-batbenny 20 күн мурун
10:49 Me: Hmmm Ken Blocks Honnicorn. It had 1400 HP all wheel
Dragon800 21 күн мурун
what happened to testing the nitrous?
Tucker Rhyne
Tucker Rhyne 21 күн мурун
What is the black car
Lolgan Saucey
Lolgan Saucey 23 күн мурун
Pp grab
James Halfhorse
James Halfhorse 24 күн мурун
Roomie had to build a small fire under his truck one time when he was up your way but that was long before all sorts of electrical things were hanging under an engine I guess. I work as well as my diesel in the cold... I might talk to you if you put a heating pad under me but I ain't getting up... nah plugged my cummins in and it fired right off at 10 below. I can't complain I can about the cold though it don't often do that here.
jesse weed
jesse weed 25 күн мурун
awesome movie caint go wrong with john candy
LeRoy Ness
LeRoy Ness 25 күн мурун
That's y we run proheaters up here in Canada
pgr0104 27 күн мурун
MMX is awesome to deal with. Great company and excellent quality
Jayson Provencher
Jayson Provencher 28 күн мурун
POUAHAHA Nice accent !! Canada is kinda cold tho xD
Bubbaz miller
Bubbaz miller 28 күн мурун
I like the intro it made me laugh
sunset lenord
sunset lenord 29 күн мурун
Um ya trucks 25ft and the trailer is 24ft ... LOGIC
Juan J Reyes
Juan J Reyes 29 күн мурун
I was expecting a hellephant, but let's see how this turns out
hilham 89
hilham 89 Ай мурун
Now did these "beautiful" women have beards?
Russell Sleight
Russell Sleight Ай мурун
That John Deere guy was ON POINT!
carlnell williams
carlnell williams Ай мурун
What are you going to do with the hemi you removing
Lopez Cool
Lopez Cool Ай мурун
Send me those black valve covers for my cammed gen3 hemi lol
Matthew Marino
Matthew Marino Ай мурун
Kid on Christmas right here, but every day. you should switch the cop car motor and the raptor motor 😂
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu Ай мурун
u a cop
Rilei Smith
Rilei Smith Ай мурун
If he put a lil more into it he could beat the hoonicorn
Stocks Stress
Stocks Stress Ай мурун
You can just turn the wheel and step on the gas to drift😂 no brakes needed
Bryan Lowe
Bryan Lowe Ай мурун
If you push the floor E brake down then push down to release it. You can freely go up and down with it as long as you don’t come fully up so the lock can re engage.
Lucid Rebuilds
Lucid Rebuilds Ай мурун
Lol it is crazy the temps the Canadians deal with in every day life. This is funny as crap
San bombazo
San bombazo Ай мурун
Love these videos fuck!!
Noah the Flowa
Noah the Flowa Ай мурун
These guys would be so damn fun to hang with
lee ramos
lee ramos Ай мурун
L Week driff
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion Ай мурун
I changed my subaru's timing belt when it was minus 25 out here in Canada lol
Bry's Gaming & Vlogs
Bry's Gaming & Vlogs Ай мурун
Can I have the 5.7 liter hemi that’s in it? Mine just blew up :(
Blake’s Life
Blake’s Life Ай мурун
I am Canadian and we don’t sound like that all the time
Luuca Mayo
Luuca Mayo Ай мурун
Nah we’re just built different
Gerry Winget
Gerry Winget Ай мурун
Westen idea for u charger on a lifted 4×4chassey
Gerry Winget
Gerry Winget Ай мурун
I'm from Canada and man its gotten minus 42 hear in Ontario man minus 15 is nothing
Treyton 2009
Treyton 2009 Ай мурун
I’m from Alaska -15 is warm built different 😂
mattdaddy Ай мурун
That's a dodge charger so no surprise there If you have put it in a crown vic that would be an ultimate grandpa police sleeper.
Cool Nick
Cool Nick Ай мурун
Is it rwd or awd?
Mikaylah Didericksen
Mikaylah Didericksen Ай мурун
You shouldn't have broken the window Cyclops you they will think they are you are crazy
Luis Campillo jr
Luis Campillo jr Ай мурун
“I’d be a popsicle”
BadBwoy 876
BadBwoy 876 Ай мурун
You make just the kind of content I like to see 💯
Dee Harris
Dee Harris Ай мурун
My second video just found he page. I like his videos.. Keep it up.
azmax623 Ай мурун
I built the same pre-oiler for an old diesel generator I'm working on. Didn't get much past 2 psi, but worked to squirt oil into places that hadn't seen it in a long time.
Hibraen Rivera Espinosa
Hibraen Rivera Espinosa Ай мурун
Yo this was on my birthday
ツAccusation Ай мурун
POV: me the Canadian -15 that's warm
sue lob
sue lob Ай мурун
Dude! The commercials on your channel are friggin' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J.T. Blair
J.T. Blair Ай мурун
Be a shame if a dyslexic engine builder put the heads on backwards. 🤣🤣🤣
Dimension Ай мурун
why you so so so so fat
Trucking with Cliff
Trucking with Cliff Ай мурун
Anyway I can borrow the blue Pete til I get my motor in my truck rebuilt
Uptake FN
Uptake FN Ай мурун
“Is this going to fit under the hood, no the turbos won’t either
Marcus Tucker
Marcus Tucker Ай мурун
You need to have your logo engraved in the intake
Wayne’s World
Wayne’s World Ай мурун
Just do it for me plz an say there’s a snake in my boot on the speaker lol 😂
George Hunt
George Hunt Ай мурун
You want cold go to Alberta in January
The gmail
The gmail Ай мурун
You got my subscribe buddy I'm a mopar fan
BrickCentral Ай мурун
When WhistlinDiesel eats too much junk food . No hate
Frank Null
Frank Null Ай мурун
Came from Tik tok homie ❤️
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal Ай мурун
Is that a Malibu playing cameo back there ?
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal Ай мурун
Don’t miss Canada at all....
Justin Nieves
Justin Nieves Ай мурун
I'm happy to see that you're happy being able to get shiney new parts. You've worked hard to make this into something that gets you more of what you want. You nailed it and keep us quite entertained! Keep it up man. You're living my dream! Enjoy!
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Ай мурун
The alleged copy immediately stretch because headlight nationally plant except a lame target. lacking, far-flung beggar
Jaron Daigle
Jaron Daigle Ай мурун
I thought for a sec 1400 Health points wow I play to many games
Christian Livingston
Christian Livingston Ай мурун
I’m a little disappointed he didn’t use a chainsaw to open the box
Bradford Ай мурун
I can’t help but smile while watching this.
Yoshi Ай мурун
Name it the state pooper.
Sebastien Labelle
Sebastien Labelle Ай мурун
what town are you and state?
Michael Andrecht
Michael Andrecht Ай мурун
MOPAR Means Move Over People Are Racing !!!!
rhianna mulqueen
rhianna mulqueen Ай мурун
Cool idea
yAMiHERE ¿ Ай мурун
lol like they would give you a john deere, they know you would probably cat swap it or somthing🤣
TheAverage Dunker
TheAverage Dunker Ай мурун
Why this man said john deere we need a drift john deere inlife
Adam Decker
Adam Decker Ай мурун
That swan that fell off is a fix that only duck dynasty can fix, better give them a call haha
Adam Decker
Adam Decker Ай мурун
Can you ask duck dynasty to join you in an episode haha sigh would be a halarous partner
TheKidCoolest Ай мурун
"Don't worry" "Holes" Best edit ever
Epic veichle people
Epic veichle people Ай мурун
you should do a garage update
Tadoe Muney
Tadoe Muney Ай мурун
I Have A Rt Will You Do Mines?
Karson Hansen
Karson Hansen Ай мурун
Geese this is going to be awesome
Jordan Gryg
Jordan Gryg Ай мурун
The heads are on backwards Westen don’t put oil in it
Heath Lewis
Heath Lewis Ай мурун
Anyone else see that camaro?
Chuck.U.Farley Ай мурун
Yea but remember the 4wd drivetrains in those were exclusively built for the police with the V8, anyone else could only order the V6 engine with the 4wd package. If something is gonna break, my money is on that
Chase Nothing
Chase Nothing Ай мурун
No stack make it clean as hell!
David Peters
David Peters Ай мурун
Ohhhhhh man thats gonna be so awesome im so stoked about seeing this come along and thats gonna be a bad ass car
Bobby Sweet
Bobby Sweet Ай мурун
Cop car against the smoke Stang lol
zach schoels
zach schoels Ай мурун
Super late comment probably wont getvread but you guys need to look up john deere motor on 1969 GMC truck. Maybe a new project for yall....
Colten Krob
Colten Krob Ай мурун
Hey officer *smashes window* 0:30
Back40 Project Progress
Back40 Project Progress Ай мурун
They sell good hand brake kots for $75
Ron Jones
Ron Jones Ай мурун
When you’re done you should consider donating the car to a police department. Our PD is struggling with an aging fleet and no funds for newer vehicles.
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal Ай мурун
The answer is a simple by sophisticated no sir
Zombiedragon 277
Zombiedragon 277 Ай мурун
Where’s the big blue tractor
WYFT Ай мурун
Engine came form Virginia didn’t it? :)
John Collins
John Collins Ай мурун
What is that sitting next to the smoke stang? I wanna see that be supped up
YLL Kastrati
YLL Kastrati Ай мурун
Cant wait🥵
Not Dialed
Not Dialed Ай мурун
The beaterbuilt lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣
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