First Big Tear in CUMMINS Swapped Mustang

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Westen Champlin

8 ай мурун

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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 8 ай мурун
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Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller 6 ай мурун
Sounds like a snowmobile, yes 2 stroke cummins nice poppet valved loop charged conversion! brap 2 stroke cummins and many gallons of xd-100 synthet 2 stroke oil to go with it. i just got 7 gallons of xd-100 for my 8v92 2 smoke jimmy, she loves it. you shou try to get a billet aluminum replica made and cut some ports into and weld up water jacket. You could do a reverse unislow with valves as the intake and ports as the exhaust or vice versa. Thius sounds like a poppet valved 2 stroke running a 1;1 cam and loop charged.
Vladimir Impaler
Vladimir Impaler 8 ай мурун
Love the new hat! You guys are awesome to watch.
Ethans Reptiles
Ethans Reptiles 8 ай мурун
Hey man whatever happened to the Peterbilt
Voice_crack_gamer69 8 ай мурун
Tesla with a 2jz
Dave East
Dave East 8 ай мурун
What transmission is used?
Shiitake Gaming
Shiitake Gaming 4 күн мурун
Might need some weights in the back
Willa Herrera
Willa Herrera Ай мурун
LMAO right when the camera view changed at 8:10 my brain thought omg he dancing naked 😆
Geffenleffen Ай мурун
Bruh a custom Tesla modded would be top shelf.
Joseph Owens
Joseph Owens Ай мурун
Patreon dude
Chris Holland
Chris Holland 2 ай мурун
(8:22) what a unique custom Cummins diesel powered mustang that is. The one and only hell of an idea I really love it.
San Clemente Railfan
San Clemente Railfan 2 ай мурун
if its a cummins mustang it should (plz don't demonetize me) it should be the CuMstAnG
Kingoil 3 ай мурун
What mods do you have on the motor
Isaiah O'Neal
Isaiah O'Neal 3 ай мурун
What happened to the fummins???
Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland
Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland 3 ай мурун
First Mustang id ever drive
Diesel King
Diesel King 3 ай мурун
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 5 ай мурун
Lets see a ford ranger turbo diesel dually
Horn Pub
Horn Pub 5 ай мурун
The Cumstang! Hell yea
blgdinger3 5 ай мурун
you're not fixing anything, you're reactively upgrading various parts :)
r 5 ай мурун
Ron Clements
Ron Clements 6 ай мурун
Love the show but my Chevy will eat your stang lol be nice to us Chevy guys ok
* 6 ай мурун
the cumstang
Stuart Pardner
Stuart Pardner 6 ай мурун
With western driving do you really want to see out the window camera man lol great videos 👍👍😂
joseph pimer
joseph pimer 6 ай мурун
cumstang lol my wife fell from her chair
joseph pimer
joseph pimer 6 ай мурун
o ya this car is cool
Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson 6 ай мурун
Have you thought about putting the smoke stang on a t-shirt or hoodie
Drone Community
Drone Community 6 ай мурун
Cumstang! Not smokestang
Jordan Holman
Jordan Holman 6 ай мурун
You should put all the fenders on and take it to a car meet or something
Tyler Jamison
Tyler Jamison 6 ай мурун
Just a question. What is GW country?
Patrick Colavecchio
Patrick Colavecchio 6 ай мурун
CoPpEr CrOuSh WoUShEr
DeAngelo glaspie
DeAngelo glaspie 6 ай мурун
Get a truck and put some tractors on it that would be funny, 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alan Mungovan
Alan Mungovan 6 ай мурун
I wish I had the money to buy the smoke stang from you makes me wanna know how you done this and what it cost to have it completely finished. I live on a very small trust fund a month till I can get my ssi/disability approved
Chris Claytor
Chris Claytor 6 ай мурун
Fucking dodge
Logan Shapiro-Shaw
Logan Shapiro-Shaw 6 ай мурун
Here’s an idea, to make some extra money, and you know what you’re doing and very knowledgeable, you should definitely think about making a Cummins or duramax swap kit. Because if there was an option something like that, I would and only ever buy a mustang just to Cummins or duramax swap a mustang.
Stan Webb
Stan Webb 7 ай мурун
What happen to your channel????? Are you well????
TheCrazyScatman 7 ай мурун
Make it a towing beast.
Call it Cummistang.. nice
Dalton Lambert
Dalton Lambert 7 ай мурун
i know you're a big man but please wear a seat belt
Quez Rollxn
Quez Rollxn 7 ай мурун
Bro look like the “ Big Dooinks” dude
L.M.G. Street Fam
L.M.G. Street Fam 7 ай мурун
sounds amazing brother 💪
Cole Webb
Cole Webb 7 ай мурун
Love this channel
TY SANFORD 7 ай мурун
I think it should be called the cum stang get it 😂
UnknownEvent 7 ай мурун
Can we get 45 + minute videos? these videos are way to short!
Bryson Boyd-Mayfield
Bryson Boyd-Mayfield 7 ай мурун
1 how do you sit in thier with no air
Sean Goulden
Sean Goulden 7 ай мурун
I so wanna see a Cummins swapped Tesla. I’ve already had a crazy dream about it, like such disrespect to Elon😂😂
speedster 7 ай мурун
Smokestang vs Adam lz's barra stang
Lisa West
Lisa West 7 ай мурун
Hi Weston,, I have it seeing any of your videos lately, I know you’ve been staying sick a lot I was just wondering was anything wrong we really love your videos hope you can post more soon. Thanks Jackie 😷
metalmanicjamo 7 ай мурун
i love how happy this guy is. now i want one haha
DYLNYE TV 7 ай мурун
Can someone explain why he calls it the smoke stang and not the cumstang
David Kollar
David Kollar 7 ай мурун
This diesel Mustang is The biggest shit i have ever seen and the sound of this mustang Is so stupid
Morgan Stearns
Morgan Stearns 7 ай мурун
Are you still alive ?
covenant5 7 ай мурун
Can someone tell me what kind of rims he’s god
PopGamerNation 7 ай мурун
you need a catalytic converter
DJ C2g
DJ C2g 7 ай мурун
What is the status of the 5.0 that came out of the Mustang?
Henryk Czarnecki
Henryk Czarnecki 7 ай мурун
I think Greta love smoke stang
Stormz TV
Stormz TV 7 ай мурун
You could call it a Cum Stain
cruc1anberg 7 ай мурун
Good luck with all your ideas!
J 7 ай мурун
Really cool build, but sooooooo slow. You can just hear and see how lazy that diesel is. Lets put it this way, there is a reason why the fastest cars are not diesels.
Miles Ashcraft
Miles Ashcraft 7 ай мурун
It’s because it’s needs more fuel that 12 valve will be a 1000 hp when he’s done with the build if you watched the other videos.
Ryan Bogle
Ryan Bogle 7 ай мурун
Now that it has the 12valve pull a house
Super I hater
Super I hater 7 ай мурун
Should make Cummins challenger, duramax camaro, and powerstoke mustang
Charles Cannell
Charles Cannell 7 ай мурун
You gotta bring this to cleetus and cars man
Johnny Boiii
Johnny Boiii 7 ай мурун
If it’s a Cummins swapped mustang, should it be called “mummins”
Jordan Worley
Jordan Worley 7 ай мурун
Its a Cumstang
Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans 7 ай мурун
Wish you wood do up date on your mustang
roan lacey
roan lacey 7 ай мурун
3:03 I could say the same about that tattoo on your arm
bone cc
bone cc 7 ай мурун
What Cummins in that beast?
JorgeColonConsulting 7 ай мурун
What’s the towing capacity of this? 🤔
jee35 7 ай мурун
Cummings swap smart car next?
FarFromTokyo 7 ай мурун
i call it the cumstaing
T&A Fishing
T&A Fishing 7 ай мурун
only one wheel was spinning:(
Cody Barton
Cody Barton 7 ай мурун
"You're leaving your trash there?" Those are extra parts! haha, if you don't keep spare parts somewhere, you're wrong. Gave me a good laugh.
james wheaton
james wheaton 7 ай мурун
Missing more video bro ;) it’s been 3 weeks since last video ;) so excited for the next video :) will there be any more videos with the peterbuilt?
dpatterson2978 7 ай мурун
nothing like polishing a turd and by turd i mean ford.
Venomy YT1
Venomy YT1 7 ай мурун
I wonder how good it tows 😂😂
Victor 7 ай мурун
Get this man on vinwiki
Da Boiz
Da Boiz 7 ай мурун
hello from topeka
B Sanders
B Sanders 7 ай мурун
If it's been said already I'm sorry, but call it "The Cumstang".... ya know, Cummins Mustang!
MarcTheStrong 7 ай мурун
DAWG......this is hillarious!! Subscribed!!
Davonte Jett
Davonte Jett 7 ай мурун
Bad ass!!
Jeremy Girouard
Jeremy Girouard 7 ай мурун
Hey westen! Just started watching Ur videos and they are awesome keep up the work but I have a question. Where do you get Ur car parts (turbo's, exterior body parts like bumpers. Ect)
epic gamer69
epic gamer69 7 ай мурун
love the 13 minutes of video for 5 seconds of actual video covering the name
L410_ Boi_
L410_ Boi_ 7 ай мурун
Wait until whistle Diesel see this
Rosa Mireles
Rosa Mireles 7 ай мурун
Cool videos dude. However, can you do a GMC Sonoma cumming swap 😎🤓👽
Tanner Voss
Tanner Voss 7 ай мурун
i just ordered an inspirational picture that says "you gotta have a little imagination to imagine what I'm imaginin'". It'll get me through these dark days
Tanner Voss
Tanner Voss 7 ай мурун
we're gonna have a lot of fun "excelembling" it. I love this
Tanner Voss
Tanner Voss 7 ай мурун
That's a "delapovlement" we've never had before. Thumbs up
Tami K
Tami K 7 ай мурун
I thought you looked at your nuts 🥜 and crossed 🤞 them too 😂
Vladimir Dažbog
Vladimir Dažbog 7 ай мурун
How tf does it handle the torque?
dhanzasikam Toledo
dhanzasikam Toledo 7 ай мурун
So the next one is a dullystang right lol?
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith 7 ай мурун
run a duel exhaust that exits by the tires so the white and black smoke mixes when doing it for dale
Beerz Gaming
Beerz Gaming 7 ай мурун
My brother told me I was fucked during this vid because he doesn't tell anything to his girlfriend/ex girlfriend idk
Rehab Ehab
Rehab Ehab 7 ай мурун
Is that your GF at 3 mins? Nice~!
Melodie Cline
Melodie Cline 7 ай мурун
Where’s the gt 5.0 mustang
Felix Dalguntas
Felix Dalguntas 7 ай мурун
Josh Gaming
Josh Gaming 7 ай мурун
Bro he got a cumstane
Daniel Topham
Daniel Topham 7 ай мурун
What transmission you use?
Arthur Garroutte
Arthur Garroutte 7 ай мурун
You REALLY need to put a “roll coal” sticker on here somewhere! 🚗💨
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 7 ай мурун
Yessirski 7 ай мурун
The way she said Tesla
Que gracioso ;fesde que comenzó hasta que trrminó el proyecto tuvo la misma camisa y pantalones!🥴🥴🥴🥴
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 7 ай мурун
Westin message. Me your address you need a foam cannon I’ll send you one!
CaptainSeamus 7 ай мурун
Love watching all your stuff tonight! I heard Kansas, and I kept seeing streets in a town I knew... carry on! Glad to know some more bored Kansas boys are doing good (?) work!!!
Bk 7 ай мурун
it need bigger stall converter to roll some frekn coal
Mr Ahhsum
Mr Ahhsum 8 ай мурун
First video of yours that I've seen. Now I'm subscribed. You are an entertaining dude!
Mr Ahhsum
Mr Ahhsum 8 ай мурун
Also, just ordered my hat! Stay Ahhsum
charlie Houston
charlie Houston 8 ай мурун
@westenchampin call it the cumstang
odashh beats
odashh beats 8 ай мурун
The cumstang
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