Can Cummins Mustang Take All The BOOST?

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Westen Champlin

6 ай мурун

Will Cummins Mustang Take All The BOOST?
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Brent Nelson
Brent Nelson 9 күн мурун
Where are the dyno sheets and the 1/4 mile times
Rangi Kira
Rangi Kira 12 күн мурун
You should go to a JDM car show with that mustang in LA
KWJuggernaut 23 күн мурун
The cumstain 🤣🤣🤣
Patrik Ševčík
Patrik Ševčík Ай мурун
Nice air pollution
dangerdave fpv
dangerdave fpv Ай мурун
slow turd
Casper CTD
Casper CTD 2 ай мурун
Respect lol turned a v4 into a diesel
Christian Carlson
Christian Carlson 2 ай мурун
How much power ??
greg sproat
greg sproat 2 ай мурун
Should re name the car unholy smoke
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels 2 ай мурун
Oh and camera man Not every mustang /Cobra owner crashes their car it’s just a stupid ones . 😑🤘
Dallas White
Dallas White 2 ай мурун
No alternator?
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 2 ай мурун
Officially, you're one of my favorite KGpostrs out here!
nashisbeast28 2 ай мурун
She needs mo powa!!
1990Ravens 3 ай мурун
you should race cleetus mcfarlands diesel galaxy!
Matthew Grisnich
Matthew Grisnich 3 ай мурун
Thing sounds like a Quadtrack. Has the power of a Quadtrack. But it looks like a car?!
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho 3 ай мурун
Nothing screams ghetto like a 2 liter of diet coke, and a pit pull.
A.O. 3 ай мурун
"You know what they say about big boots? Big socks.... And..... A big...*cut* lmao hilarious.
Caiden Orton
Caiden Orton 3 ай мурун
westin said make sure they are put right in the back spot... pay attention closely
Isaiah O'Neal
Isaiah O'Neal 3 ай мурун
What happened to the fummins???
Skullcrusher 4 ай мурун
I can't hold this back any longer. You sound like mini lad lmao
The Train Fan
The Train Fan 4 ай мурун
3:24 why did I hear a train horn lol 😂
John Scott
John Scott 4 ай мурун
Shouldn’t you have called it the cumm stang
clownpuncher29 4 ай мурун
Rock chalk Jayhawk kkkkkuuuuuuu
pier99francesco 4 ай мурун
You should make it look completely stock it'd be a great sleeper...
Zachary Grimes
Zachary Grimes 5 ай мурун
I want one
Cool Donut999
Cool Donut999 5 ай мурун
Ya know those people who have strange faces but sound good, that is the mustang with the Cummins
Jeremiah Broussard
Jeremiah Broussard 5 ай мурун
The cumstang it’s what im callin it from now on
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 5 ай мурун
You will get your 1 millions subscribers very soon buddy because you are funny and your content is cool.
Chandler Morin
Chandler Morin 5 ай мурун
LMFAOOO “it sounds like a truck”
Ricardo 5 ай мурун
This guy is my hero
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 5 ай мурун
Help me save my truck in Hays.
Lesking Reyes
Lesking Reyes 5 ай мурун
You’re channel is awesome, once subscribed I was tuned in. My question is, once the build is complete do you keep the cars or sell them
Quang Pham
Quang Pham 5 ай мурун
“I got a welder for a reason” fuck yea 😂
Mr. Wiggles
Mr. Wiggles 5 ай мурун
Him.u now what they say about big boots big socks and big cuts Me. Thinking hes about to say big dick lmao
Sergio'S Auto Follow
Sergio'S Auto Follow 5 ай мурун
anybody reAlised westen said GET RIGHT IN THE BACK SPOT ROFL LOLOLOL
Michael Swinford
Michael Swinford 5 ай мурун
Give this guy a follow and like the video, this. Is sick.
Chispas Mendez
Chispas Mendez 5 ай мурун
Hey bro what is your Facebook name
kody walker
kody walker 5 ай мурун
Imagine getting a Ford to put chevy internals into
Pitmaster4Lyfe 5 ай мурун
Big Bro,I've been a sub for a really, really, really, really, really, long time!! I LOVE the Cumstang! Cummins EVERYTHING! Cummins fo lyfe! 😈🏁💯🚬
Billy McGeer
Billy McGeer 5 ай мурун
Whats the name of that song
Doyle Chandler
Doyle Chandler 5 ай мурун
I have done many engine conversions as a diesel and truck mechanic.Never even in my dreams did I think of a Cummins in a Mustang.
L B 5 ай мурун
Need to be able to vacate boost more quickly. Better blow off valve/wastegate setup may help
onsight Sean
onsight Sean 5 ай мурун
Kidbehindacameras long lost smart brother 😂😂💯💯
onsight Sean
onsight Sean 5 ай мурун
Beast mode
Malachi Flannery
Malachi Flannery 5 ай мурун
Westen is one of the reasons in my life that keeps me going.
Anthony&Courtney Watkins
Anthony&Courtney Watkins 5 ай мурун
Should have used a powerstroke.
Josh Reese
Josh Reese 5 ай мурун
Call it the cumstang
ReachToggled 5 ай мурун
Testa: Try's to save world by making electric cars. Western Champlin: 9:52
ReachToggled 5 ай мурун
Testa: Try's to save world by making electric cars. Western Champlin: 9:52
Brett White
Brett White 5 ай мурун
There ya go. Hit you with another sub! Rock Chalk Baaby!
B W 5 ай мурун
If you don't name this thing the CUM-STANG you are fired and banned from youtube.
Sergio Camarena
Sergio Camarena 5 ай мурун
Westen....if u want ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS....u need to put out more videos instead of ONE video every like idk....3 wks...
Saint-14 5 ай мурун
You should put a drag camshaft in it!!!!
Monkey _420
Monkey _420 5 ай мурун
Fuckin awesome shit
Dave Shiroma
Dave Shiroma 5 ай мурун
You gotta weld beads around the tubes or roll beads into the aluminum tubes to stop them from popping off. And probably t bolt clamps
Travis Blackwood
Travis Blackwood 5 ай мурун
Love watching Luke Combs put a diesel in a good stang
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 5 ай мурун
" you know what they say about big boots? big socks "
sam seetin
sam seetin 5 ай мурун
Rock chalk brother!!
Rhea Kareen Dagsangan
Rhea Kareen Dagsangan 5 ай мурун
Nice ride
leinard01 5 ай мурун
Popped up on my recommendations and I just had to subscribe.
DMB 5 ай мурун
Diesel powered Mustang. Who cares. I'll take the bus thank you.
Sterben 5 ай мурун You're welcome!
Kyle LaManna
Kyle LaManna 5 ай мурун
I thought the dude with the dog was mondo from street outlaws at first lol
green__φύλο φρικιό
green__φύλο φρικιό 5 ай мурун
Nice video
1%’er Outlaws motorcycle clubs
1%’er Outlaws motorcycle clubs 5 ай мурун
haha haha
SKYM3RK 5 ай мурун
all the way from utah hahaha i wsih i hopped on that package i love the channel man hahaha i live in utah btw XD thats dope haha
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson 5 ай мурун
I don’t want to say it but it’s funny but you can call it the cumstang
Jumpy Mcjumperson
Jumpy Mcjumperson 5 ай мурун
4:40 "get right in the back spot" Lmao perfect
NOSxRiiper 5 ай мурун
Subbed just for repen jayhawks
GenAfterNextTactics 5 ай мурун
This video was uploaded 13 days ago as of right now and youtube still says it was uploaded a week ago, smh
samuel banfield
samuel banfield 5 ай мурун
We need more smokestang
David Adamson
David Adamson 5 ай мурун
Badass GM #1
David Adamson
David Adamson 5 ай мурун
Westin is soooooo funny Yall
STANG LIFE 5 ай мурун
Been here since 30k and my dude you have grown!! Congratulations!!
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla 5 ай мурун
1:45 song name?
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla 5 ай мурун
This "MustCum" is insane
imperlast2 5 ай мурун
this came up in my rec box and damn am I glad it did
Erick Velasquez
Erick Velasquez 5 ай мурун
What’s the name of the song in this video? It says like smoke from a gun I’ll rise up?
Evan Dupuis
Evan Dupuis 5 ай мурун
Needs more boooost
BrokeBoyCustoms 5 ай мурун
More power baby
Roland Toups II
Roland Toups II 5 ай мурун
WESTEN...I need more videos!
375firl 5 ай мурун
What song is that. I rise up
Carter Lewis
Carter Lewis 5 ай мурун
You should put a Cummins in an El Camino
Colton Stevens
Colton Stevens 5 ай мурун
Where u at westen??
crowjr2 5 ай мурун
Algorithm just suggested you ... subscribed! Hilarious stuff, keep it up dude!
Abhi Dipchund
Abhi Dipchund 5 ай мурун
When is the next video??... Every morning when I get up I come to see if there is a new video out
Sam S
Sam S 5 ай мурун
Don' t forget to re-torque the head studs before you go racing.
Bryan Pe Pe
Bryan Pe Pe 5 ай мурун
Is he doing a giveaway?
edward ramos
edward ramos 5 ай мурун
Whatever happened to that 98 Peter built 379 You put together. I remember that was the video that caught my eye and made me subscribe to your channel.
John Case
John Case 5 ай мурун
He's done rebuilding it and I'm guessing even if he knows how to drive it he doesn't have a Class A CDL to legally drive it. Also I'm not talking bad about him but he has a habit of starting something then forgetting/abandoning it. Remember that bulldozer and 2 tractors he bought in the past and after his Army truck last video it's like that doesn't exist anymore.
Hayden Blake
Hayden Blake 5 ай мурун
What’s the song called at the start of the vid
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 5 ай мурун
You got to post more please
Carl Godwin
Carl Godwin 5 ай мурун
Westen here's your new project
Matthew Gurtner
Matthew Gurtner 5 ай мурун
Keep up the videos on the smokestang.WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A VIDEO ON THE RAPTOR.
Brandon royal
Brandon royal 5 ай мурун
Where are your videos of the dozer!
John Case
John Case 5 ай мурун
I think he sold it because it would have been to expensive to fix.
Hagol Hubas
Hagol Hubas 5 ай мурун
Ford or dodge or somone should do a muscle car like this and call it like the rhino or Auroch, probably sell at least 2 that i could account for.
BlueMoon 5 ай мурун
LETS GET TO 1 MIL! Just found you keep it up!
Dave Wood
Dave Wood 5 ай мурун
We want more videos..... The hummer wannabe? The raptor? Whats happened to these? Absolutely love the content but you dont do enough of it
John Case
John Case 5 ай мурун
I just want a update on the Army Truck.
Jimmywayne Richardson
Jimmywayne Richardson 5 ай мурун
Bet you can’t put a Cummins in a Cadillac western champlin
Leonard Legg
Leonard Legg 5 ай мурун
Jesse Walters
Jesse Walters 5 ай мурун
the CumStang
Mingo Ruiz
Mingo Ruiz 5 ай мурун
Watch the video post of u and Randy 👍👍👍
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