Buying H1 Hummer From Auction..Turns out its FAKE

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Westen Champlin

9 ай мурун

We went to an auction to buy an H1 Hummer and it turns a fake / not a real one. It was build-out of an old ford..
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Salt Commander
Salt Commander 2 күн мурун
Chinese hummer !
The Noble German
The Noble German 5 күн мурун
Definitely a fake H1. Real H1s have dual gas tanks on the right side.
Brody Ater
Brody Ater 7 күн мурун
HaHa 3:41 see I just ran over little timmy there didn't even feel it
Connor winkler’s Chanel
Connor winkler’s Chanel 9 күн мурун
After I got finished I scroll down to pick a new video I saw the same H one hummer it said H one hummer scam he did not know it was a scam he thought it was a real H one hummer that’s so funny
Dillon Savage
Dillon Savage 10 күн мурун
This looks better hummers are so small on the inside but look big on the out makes no sense 😂
Zach Stack
Zach Stack 13 күн мурун
Hey Westen, what's going on with this H1 clone? Still got it?
R3B3L10US_TY 15 күн мурун
Whether it's thr real deal or a built-from-the-frame-up replica, an H1 is still a good lookin' truck. It had me fooled at first glance too, dudes. 🤣
Cory Bartles
Cory Bartles 15 күн мурун
Military grade this man makes it better than military grade
IM SO HUNGRY SGT 15 күн мурун
Military grade the most expensive cheap shit around, if it doesn't need maintenance its too expensive
mischievous one
mischievous one 15 күн мурун
smells like fuckn coffee in the starbucks lol. wonder why
Patriot_Helephant18 16 күн мурун
Oklahoma, ye ye
Sphinx 17 күн мурун
Hit up Chris fix he has one
Gavin Reyburn
Gavin Reyburn 17 күн мурун
If your still lookin last I knew there was one in white cloud mi
Michael Sorrentino
Michael Sorrentino 22 күн мурун
The "chunky man" is funny n always happy !!
Adam Hayes
Adam Hayes 22 күн мурун
You should do a Detroit diesel maybe a 6v53 into a obs Chevy half ton or square body s10. I want to do a similar swap in my 82 ‘ c30 lmk your thoughts
Alexander Creekpaum
Alexander Creekpaum 24 күн мурун
Pshhh better than a H1 to me haha
Selmir Jusic
Selmir Jusic 25 күн мурун
go to 1:13 i love the new phone 2 lmao
Brian C.
Brian C. 27 күн мурун
The defective body hepatosplenomegaly program because roadway admittedly ski through a subdued animal. jumpy, wakeful bow
Matthew Cross
Matthew Cross 27 күн мурун
i thinks it fake i didnt see a central tire inflasion system
DrippingXkillz 2234
DrippingXkillz 2234 28 күн мурун
Really nice
Brian Hanks
Brian Hanks 28 күн мурун
6 liter with no oil.. 😂😂😂
Tactical pest Control
Tactical pest Control 29 күн мурун
The seatbelt on the steering wheels the antitheft security system
naijoron janga
naijoron janga 29 күн мурун
Ju nit tu duw wet de truck
alejandro calderon
alejandro calderon Ай мурун
If its broken, its military grade, truest quote ever!!!!
Drew Hoffman
Drew Hoffman Ай мурун
Dr hydration
Dr hydration Ай мурун
Wow that's one massive oof moment
UnauthorizedCharges Ай мурун
Ginger mullet is wack
Willa Herrera
Willa Herrera Ай мурун
I sold an old suburban to a guy that bought it to build fake H1's
B Ro
B Ro Ай мурун
Lol the door handles look like there off of a truck bed toolbox 😆 🤣 😂
G K R.
G K R. Ай мурун
Is that a knockoff called Dongfeng EQ2050?
Big Bud
Big Bud Ай мурун
That thing could have been Cummins swapped hummer a fuckin cummer
Lil Reese Buttercups
Lil Reese Buttercups Ай мурун
What's the brand of tires on the phony Hummer
Justin Honeycutt
Justin Honeycutt Ай мурун
Found one on Joplin give and take 2 on Facebook for 18,000
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Ай мурун
skip to 5:12. Thank me immensely.
Jonny- B
Jonny- B Ай мурун
I mean... you can kind of tell that just looking at it can't ya? haha
Go Faster
Go Faster Ай мурун
Military equipment is as cheap as it comes. The military only will give to the lowest bidder
Bespoke Coatings And Detailing
Bespoke Coatings And Detailing Ай мурун
The only H1 worth buying is the 06 Alpha with the Duramax. Otherwise buy an H2.
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia Ай мурун
360? Lol 😂 390 or 460
Metalextra Ай мурун
“Blonde hair and blue eyes, then you find out her name is Steve” The BEST quote to explain it...
A L Ай мурун
This is what happens when your parents are related.
AcousticTheory Ай мурун
It's the Fummer. Buy it.
Andrew Haden
Andrew Haden Ай мурун
@Westin Champlin I've got a buddy that's wanting to sell a hummer h2 with a 6.2l vortec 2008
Kevin Weil
Kevin Weil Ай мурун
Do you think the person who bought it at auction knew it was a fake hummer?
Darren P
Darren P Ай мурун
First clue..... Warn manual front hubs...
Michael Eliot
Michael Eliot Ай мурун
You put the spoilers in the title. Amateur hour.
Mark Miles
Mark Miles Ай мурун
It's better than a Hummer, lol.
jeepin123 Ай мурун
Why not just buy an Aplha H1, you can find one for less than 200k all day long.
RevPar Ravager
RevPar Ravager Ай мурун
The only catfishing that this guy is really likely to be involved with is when HE is the one doing it with stock photos of calvin klein models.
Punkrocktv Ай мурун
H1 were selling for around 10 grand or less at Barret Jackson 3 ir 4 years ago. They were beat up
I dont know what to say, many of the hummers and millitary vehicles in mexico had their engines swaped to more common big block engines
Kush Kuniss
Kush Kuniss Ай мурун
That mullet is wack
MayReasonBeThyGuide Ай мурун
First one of your videos I saw. Subbed immediately! Hilarious content! Ай мурун
_One hell of a mullet_
Peter Ай мурун
Lived in hong Kong before the handover.. Well in china there they had copy cars..not only that they had copy car dealerships too.. If you ever lived in hong kong the phone books had yellow pages with lots of companies that will make a copy of anything in 24 hours.. YUP..they sure did.. Since the chinese would lose contracts as a supplier of car parts those shops just kept makin those parts..Motors etc were a mix of whatever thay had.. Put it all together and copy car.. But copy car dealers take the cake..
シMrthink Ай мурун
See I just ran over little Timmy Me WTF Me sees train track Me CLICK BAIT XD 3:40
James R
James R Ай мурун
Her name is Steve
Michael Mccorry
Michael Mccorry Ай мурун
I can hear you getting fatter.
Backyard Mechanic Restorations
Backyard Mechanic Restorations Ай мурун
Should still buy it tho it looks like it could be cool
jesus Ай мурун
Hit up Matt at demolition Ranch..
seriousbe Ай мурун
These guys are so typically americans...
Ender Ай мурун
A Dodge pickup more than 15 minutes old that hasn't rusted to pieces yet? I call BS.
robert white
robert white Ай мурун
You're probably better off buying a Hummer from a military vehicle Surplus dealership.
Old IRISH Number • 27
Old IRISH Number • 27 Ай мурун
390 gas on a 72 high boy 250 , I want it !!
Old IRISH Number • 27
Old IRISH Number • 27 Ай мурун
Hey bro , Im looking for semi free land in kansas , my QUESTION is , : is there a lot of bad weather there ?? Twisters??
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 Ай мурун
*Hope you reserved your Tesla Cybertruck* !
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 Ай мурун
You bought a RAM rather than a FORD? My kind of people!
Afalaa Ай мурун
Fake News Fake breast Fake booty Fake food called " GMO" finally, Something Knew A fake "Hummer" hell no.
blackbeard1104 Ай мурун
its not a hummmer its a kitted out humvee
jack7nine Ай мурун
I've never seen one, but here's why this isnt one... lol
ChrisNVegas Ай мурун
It's called an Urban Gorilla.
jimbobbyrnes Ай мурун
people buy H1 hummers because of the looks not because of its offroad capabilities its so sad. thats why the H2 and H3 suck balls.
T4NG0 Ай мурун
You should try uk, Ireland and Europe. Have seen alot online when searching for vehicles.
Federico Cao
Federico Cao Ай мурун
There is one original here in Uruguay, punta del este. It's the open model, but it's a legit hummer
Dan W
Dan W Ай мурун
Frankenstein truck
thirdcoastcwb Ай мурун
It's a t-rex made on a suburban frame by a guy in Texas, before you could buy h1.
cjhawk67 Ай мурун
Hey its got solid live axles I actually like that better then the portal axle IFS stuff on the real H1
Nevin Whitis
Nevin Whitis Ай мурун
I miss my ‘04 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins.
I. R.
I. R. Ай мурун
🥐 That's not a croissant! 🥐
Винтер ю ноу
Винтер ю ноу Ай мурун
Voor Naam
Voor Naam Ай мурун
That's a whole lot of words. Wake me up when they SAY something.
Christopher Gray
Christopher Gray Ай мурун
more deplorables
PaddleDogC5 Ай мурун
Keep eating
Nyequil Ooo
Nyequil Ooo Ай мурун
Wheres your masks?
3vi1J Ай мурун
I don't believe anyone actually tried to pass that off as a Hummer. There's just no way it was not advertised for what it was.
xnamkcor X
xnamkcor X Ай мурун
Hummers aren't Military. Humvees are.
Cydonius1 Ай мурун
civilian version of hummers suck badly anways why would you want one
martin frost
martin frost Ай мурун
The problem is the vehicles are too big,put them on a diet or tell them to come back when they are smaller.
Charlie McKellips
Charlie McKellips Ай мурун
I dunno if you found one, but there's an H1 on the cowboy truck n trailer group on Facebook, I tagged your Facebook page in it.
TheDexDrive Ай мурун
9:30 "Its electric and its a manual" think about whats wrong about that sentence for a second.
Parallax Ай мурун
oof, an ecodiesel. good luck with that one.
emsicz Ай мурун
Does the 3 liter diesel Dodge in the US use the same engine FCA has been using in Europe? It’s made in Italy by VM MOTORI and it’s fucking terrible nobody wants them xD
Jose Saucedo
Jose Saucedo Ай мурун
you rtoo funny bro, just subbed
Schyler Lewis
Schyler Lewis Ай мурун
And so is the video title.
TheNASCARJeff Ай мурун
10:50 Dude, wear a seatbelt
Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall Ай мурун
So what it’s fake . Looks fo foxing awesome 😀😀😀
Lolgan Saucey
Lolgan Saucey Ай мурун
8:20 haaaaa
Piotr Kubacki
Piotr Kubacki Ай мурун
hummer is not military. Humvee is.
J C Ай мурун
Wheel wiggle as a feature... I get it man.... My Dodge could be rattling apart and it is still better than most stock rigs out there... Never give up, never surrender...
Albert M
Albert M Ай мурун
I would've bought it for the kicks lol
MossyBack Fishing
MossyBack Fishing Ай мурун
I Bought My DREAM CAR and it's AMAZING!!!
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