Building a 1400hp AWD Police Car

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Westen Champlin

Ай мурун

We start Building a 1400hp AWD Police Car
Engine builder:​
Holly intake​
Instagram: westengw​​
Facebook: westengw

Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin Ай мурун
Mistakes happen and its not about the mistake its about how you take care of the mistake when it happens and Modern Muscle Extreme is sending someone out to take care of it so they deserve nothing but love.
Ben 20 күн мурун
Someone mentioned in the comments that since the heads were on backwards that's proof that the engine was never dyno tested before shipping.
Devontae Soto
Devontae Soto Ай мурун
U should definitely put that Hemi in a golf kart or a go cart that would be amazing just saying bro. Love your videos btw
Vihaan Jad
Vihaan Jad Ай мурун
Dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google :)
LoganWitDaGass Ай мурун
How much would I part with the og 5.7 motor and trans my dad has a 16 300
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Ай мурун
@Vince Vicari the only reason they are sending someone out to fix it is because of how many people will be seeing this video!! If u or I would have been in the same situation, I’m 99.9% sure that they aren’t going to send someone halfway across the country to fix their screw up!!!! It would’ve been more time and more money out of our pocket to fix what they messed up!!!!
Echo Man
Echo Man 9 күн мурун
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec 14 күн мурун
Is that a 69 Camaro I see?
Ben 20 күн мурун
At roughly the 5:31 time mark can anyone tell me what song is playing?
Alvin 22 күн мурун
Imagine. Just IMAGINE Westen just get a camaro ss :) he would have a full muscle car collection :D
Matt Scheible
Matt Scheible 23 күн мурун
You should put that old engine in a side by side utv.
James Halfhorse
James Halfhorse 24 күн мурун
Think you need to put that old engine in your forklift there bud. As for the old engine... like the bumper sticker says it happens. They are gonna stand by it so it ain't a problem.
Richard 24 күн мурун
I thought the AWD version only came with a v6?
Löre 27 күн мурун
The forklift horn is like Peter from Family guy xD
Greg Richardson
Greg Richardson 27 күн мурун
Kick it lmao 😂 i laughed so hard when you started kicking the forklift
Saad Ali Khan
Saad Ali Khan 28 күн мурун
firsf time watching him and i honestly think he kinda acts like peter grifin from family guy
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 28 күн мурун
Want to put that 5.7 in my 2nd gen😂
peacesjp 28 күн мурун
Can I buy your 5.7?
Bosola -
Bosola - Ай мурун
Dude I love this guy!! but sadly gotta get rid of my rt🥺
Junior Gil
Junior Gil Ай мурун
I accidentally ran across your videos i been watching all the videos im also in ks wichita to be exact
hilham 89
hilham 89 Ай мурун
The one that came out needs to go in a smart car
Micheál Cleary
Micheál Cleary Ай мурун
What ever happened to tobacco chewing guy
XxFyrez GamerxX
XxFyrez GamerxX Ай мурун
Love how he said the forklift is shy. 😂😂
Fishing Moron
Fishing Moron Ай мурун
I have an electro bubble buddy by Moto electric vehicles it’s like a little truck maybe you should find one that doesn’t run and put And put that engine in it.
Dash_Niko Ай мурун
you should change the back tag to "state pooper"
Colin Nygaard
Colin Nygaard Ай мурун
Hope it doesn’t drop a valve seat! Course with forged bottom end I’m hoping whoever put it together did it right and cryo treated the seats, but hella progress nonetheless
Jacob Greer
Jacob Greer Ай мурун
3:36 Now kids that us people like to call road rage
Jon-Christian Kaczor
Jon-Christian Kaczor Ай мурун
I dunno man I'd tear the whole motor down and check the clearances because if they fucked up the order of the heads then God knows what else they screwed up
Jon-Christian Kaczor
Jon-Christian Kaczor Ай мурун
If it were me I'd consider taking the front diff and transfer case out of a jeep Cherokee track hawk. If you watch junkyard Dave hes building a dodge magnum converted into a wide body charger body with the wagon body and is using a track hawk setup for the 1300 hp hemi he is building
gabo senpai
gabo senpai Ай мурун
I want to see this car go against the hoonicorn
C.J Schwartz
C.J Schwartz Ай мурун
Lol I don't think he understands what it takes to make 1400 hp and he definitely doesn't understand what it takes to have 1400 hp on a stock awd driveshaft and a viscous coupler in a stock charger. Good luck...if you make over 1100 on that stock drive line I'll be shocked.
Hiroshi Borjal
Hiroshi Borjal Ай мурун
Me and oscar get along so well him kicks the carp out of oscar
Lee Knudson
Lee Knudson Ай мурун
Simple mastake
rob moris
rob moris Ай мурун
How can they do a build and not test run it or break in the cam ?
San bombazo
San bombazo Ай мурун
Put the 5.7 in Oscar the forklift
San bombazo
San bombazo Ай мурун
Basically a 392 cop car 🏃🏻‍♂️
Timeless peach
Timeless peach Ай мурун
At this point his town starts to get worried when they don't see him for a couple of days because they know he is working on something crazy lol and wait till somethin blows up and see a monster truck w a engine that will die when it makes 2 pounds of boost at full throttle
Dick Mcgee
Dick Mcgee Ай мурун
What engine is it ?
Manuel Aguilar
Manuel Aguilar Ай мурун
What part of Kansas!?! Im from the SW of Kansas!
Aaron Ziesch
Aaron Ziesch Ай мурун
I live 20 minutes from you and look forward to the day I run into you in person!
Hunter Y
Hunter Y Ай мурун
Oh No I lost ma drink 4 sec later :Oh no I lost my other drink
Gerry Winget
Gerry Winget Ай мурун
Get a ford ranger and put that hemi in it
Panscrews Ай мурун
Put it in a vw bug😂😂
Jonnyboiis Ай мурун
I’m still waiting for it to be out in 😂
Tool Time
Tool Time Ай мурун
Dudes so calm. I’d be pissed go I spent that much on a motor build and they fucked it up like that. I’d want some compensation for the time I wasted figuring out their mistakes
Alan Abernathy
Alan Abernathy Ай мурун
Power warsh
Brennen Heiser
Brennen Heiser Ай мурун
Put the engine that was in the car and put it in a lawnmower
stranger danger
stranger danger Ай мурун
Put that 5.7 in the square body!!!!!!!!
Paul Coon
Paul Coon Ай мурун
I'd love to see you get together with Cleetus McFarland and go drifting police cars
Jerry Vickers
Jerry Vickers Ай мурун
Whole lot of haters in the chat!!
Isaac Howell
Isaac Howell Ай мурун
Gotta love how he’s working on the 1500 hp charger when he has a diesel mustang just chilling in the background😂
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews Ай мурун
I enjoyed this
Roxanne Luther
Roxanne Luther Ай мурун
Put it engine inside the car please please please
Fonda Parm
Fonda Parm Ай мурун
that means they build engines without testing them
D Lowk Maldonado
D Lowk Maldonado Ай мурун
What did you do with the motor the 5.7 I would buy it if your selling it let me no thanks you really got a gift you make the best cars I have ever seen the smoke stain is a Beast no I want to make my own but had a good idea for the next beast I think would make the car life even better let me no thanks for the videos you are a genius
Claire Clifford
Claire Clifford Ай мурун
I think you should do an engine up grade to the forklift
LANKFORDx0553 Ай мурун
Westen I hope you see this. That engine should have been ran on a dyno. That engine with that much lack of quality control. I would demand money back. Or a new engine. That thing screams blown before you even change the break in oil.
Wesley Crawford
Wesley Crawford Ай мурун
Put the engine in a minivan
MrWashesp Ай мурун
Wouldn't be Westen if it wasn't a route 66 sonic drink
Kaleb B
Kaleb B Ай мурун
I love you weston but you're too damned nice. That's a 20k engine and they couldn't even put the heads on the right side. My little brother knows fuck all mechanics and I think he'd be able to figure that out. I'd be asking for my money back, and buy an engine somewhere else. Unless of course you got a deal on it then I don't blame ya.
Robert John Stevenson
Robert John Stevenson Ай мурун
That 1400hp rating just went down a few hundred
CND Outdoors
CND Outdoors Ай мурун
You should put a 12 valve in a slug bug.
Nick Skoora
Nick Skoora Ай мурун
Who would use those fools that put that motor together!!!!
Ghee Theee
Ghee Theee Ай мурун
Who else trying to figure out what happened to Weylin missing the dude
SD 90Mac
SD 90Mac Ай мурун
Boy oh boy theses sobs don't how to build engines correctly, what a hell of a deal you got, these idiots are supposed to be pros, oh but they are, you can see their workmanship😵😱, good thing you found the problem BEFORE YOU INSTALLED IT.✌️😊 GOOD GRIEF, NOW YOU GOTTA WAIT FOR THEM SOBS TO SHOW UP AND PUT IT TOGETHER 🤪😧🤯😱😭
Broo_sh Ай мурун
never seen at some one put wrong way heads in jeeves
Xavier Cook
Xavier Cook Ай мурун
Wanna gimme that 5.7 for my Kia😃
Pogg Ай мурун
imagen having 1400hp come after you
Rah Fw
Rah Fw Ай мурун
Warren Barber
Warren Barber Ай мурун
Love me some Chevy lol “It identifies with an old Chevy pickup! Ya gotta pump it!”
Taylor miner
Taylor miner Ай мурун
What performance engine builder puts the heads on wrong and how did they run this 1500 hp motor with heads on wrong sides ....... Time to fire the "new guy" 😂
Marcus Kronborg Blåholm
Marcus Kronborg Blåholm Ай мурун
other youtubers would make this one video into 5 episodes.
Camden Brown
Camden Brown Ай мурун
Weston do the smart car build i might buy it 😂😂😂
Camden Brown
Camden Brown Ай мурун
Forget putting it in a golf cart! Put it in a freckin smart car with a lift and spacers 😂 4x4 that bish!
Helpful Mesquito
Helpful Mesquito Ай мурун
5.7 in a VW GOLF? is that what I heard?
ethan5610 Ай мурун
Old engine into a smart car
Cesar Ramos
Cesar Ramos Ай мурун
Sounds like peter griffin laughing
Devontae Soto
Devontae Soto Ай мурун
U should definitely put that Hemi in a Golf Cart or Go Cart that would be amazing bro. Love your videos btw
Clayton Malcom
Clayton Malcom Ай мурун
Hey, y’all. You mentioned a hummer and that got me thinking. What about an h1 with a 6.2, but instead of the Detroit, how about the Chevy 6.2 gasser all cranked the heck up???
Ben Tews
Ben Tews Ай мурун
Oh WOW Westen.... I wasn't even paying attention!! Congrats on a million subs!!
Adryan Hansen
Adryan Hansen Ай мурун
So he hasn't even got the engine in the car and broke it 😂
xSwiftillusionx Ай мурун
Hemi powered go cart? 🤷‍♂️
Evan Martin
Evan Martin Ай мурун
I’d like to see an engine like that in my 2013 f-150
El Chivvo#4511
El Chivvo#4511 Ай мурун
Damn I'm 3xcited to see this build weston let's get it
King Blaster
King Blaster Ай мурун
Get a refund man... did you turn this motor by hand probably bent the valves
Carlton Hart
Carlton Hart Ай мурун
Can I have that 5.7😂😂😂
navasanchez86 Ай мурун
Customer service at its finest!!!
Tech 13
Tech 13 Ай мурун
That is really bad publicity for the company that built that engine. Like atomic bomb bad.
Tech 13
Tech 13 Ай мурун
That means they never ran the engine after building to verify quality of the work. You bought an engine like that it should have been tested and even put on a dyno. How much did you pay for that engine?
Tech 13
Tech 13 Ай мурун
Chrysler tech for 28 years I've never seen a mistake like that.
Jay Lentz
Jay Lentz Ай мурун
Can you do a full video explaing what happened to all the past builds you finished?!? Thatd be super cool
Rebecca Laverty
Rebecca Laverty Ай мурун
what about the 6x6 4 ton truck?
J.T. Blair
J.T. Blair Ай мурун
Says a lot they're willing to come and fix it but I can't help but wonder if they'd do the same if a million people weren't watching. 🙄
braden hoffheins
braden hoffheins Ай мурун
make a nuther video
Ez E
Ez E Ай мурун
How much for the 5.7
hussein abdulbaki
hussein abdulbaki Ай мурун
I'm from Iraq
krunchy Clown
krunchy Clown Ай мурун
Wish you dudes could fix my truck. It needs breaks. Im sure yall would break it a few times, thats ok. Damn fine channel sir!
† peep †
† peep † Ай мурун
That engine is literally so fucking beautiful
D-E-simon Westling
D-E-simon Westling Ай мурун
Who puts a old engine in a mustang but uses a crate one for this😬😬😬
That one bad Suzuki 250
That one bad Suzuki 250 Ай мурун
What are you doing with the 5.7? Wanna sell it?
Robert Jarvis
Robert Jarvis Ай мурун
Hahaha, what a nightmare. Is bad press still good press? How does that even happen? I can get that right in my garage with harbor freight tools..
Rodolfo Rojas
Rodolfo Rojas Ай мурун
5.7 hemi forklift
Brain halfcooked
Brain halfcooked Ай мурун
Big oof on the heads. Yikes. Put old engine in oscar I bet you won't. 😁👍🏼
Richard Dunn
Richard Dunn Ай мурун
I live in Winfield
chris77777777ify Ай мурун
Poor Weston, those Engine builders what a terrible job.
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